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Advisors are independent consultants that can offer nearly everything available on the market today. Compared to direct sales reps from individual suppliers, Virtualink Advisors build complete, unbiased solutions for your business.

Who we are

We’re a network of professionals living and working in cities all across Canada. We’ve had successful careers in telecom, IT, software and other tech spaces.

Our mission

To build life-long relationships that enable our clients’ success now and throughout their entire career journey. 

What we do

Why choose Virtualink Advisors?


Price Advantage

Price isn’t everything but it’s important to fit your budgets. Our strong supplier relationships often result in preferred pricing and special discounts.


Unbiased Solutions

As a broker, we’re constantly educating ourselves on the available market options and ensure your needs are met with the best possible solutions.


Product Expertise

Virtualink Advisors are experienced in many disciplines. As part of the Virtualink family, advisors undergo continuous training across multiple technology platforms.



We’re backed by the capabilities of over 300 individual suppliers in every conversation with our clients to solve any problem you face. 


Supplier Relationships

You need the right advocate to move your business ahead or to help when things inevitably go wrong. Virtualink Advisors have you covered.


Local Advisor Forever

We live and work in your region and your Virtualink Advisor is your dedicated consultant for life, regardless of your next move.

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You’re in the captain’s seat of your career and you need a co-pilot to help you navigate. We can help.

A common misconception of working with a cloud communications broker is that products are marked up for profit. Quite the opposite! Virtualink uses it’s national presence to get the best pricing from suppliers and never inflates the value of products. In fact, all Virtualink customers sign supplier contracts when working with a Virtualink Advisor. 

Suppliers are eager to earn your business in this competitive market, so Virtualink often benefits from deep discounts or even exclusive pricing to offer cost savings for our customers. Since you’re working with someone who has deep industry knowledge and experience, you’re getting expert advice at no added cost. 

It’s typical for you to have worked with multiple sales reps from various suppliers who are all trying to earn your time and attention to sell you their stuff. And those same reps often miss the mark because they’re pressured to hit monthly quotas, selling only the limited portfolio of services they represent for their employer. There’s a better way!

Unlike those limited reps, Virtualink Advisors represent over 300 suppliers consisting of telecom carriers, software vendors, cloud computing platforms, security providers and much more. They are uniquely positioned to source the best products and services to solve your business problems. Virtualink Advisors do not carry sales quotas and take a genuine approach to meeting your needs. Whether you need products from specific vendors or your Advisor builds custom solutions using single or multiple suppliers, you have the confidence in knowing we’ve always got your best interest in mind. 

A large percentage of Virtualink Advisors have worked in the tech industry for 10 or more years with multiple service providers and suppliers. A major benefit of working with them is the experience they have gained over that time. 

Virtualink’s deep supplier relationships also means that all Virtualink Advisors undergo rigorous product training and have earned various supplier accreditations and certifications. In fact, Virtualink Advisors can only begin working with clients once they’ve achieved accreditation from at least two Virtualink suppliers. 

As you seek to evaluate new products and services for your business, you may find that your telco provider doesn’t offer what you need. As a single provider with a limited product set, it’s impossible for a company like this to cover all aspects of your communications needs. 

Virtualink is partnered with over 100 suppliers who cater to the Canadian market and an additional 200 suppliers with global reach to help connect your employees, partners and customers seamlessly. Virtualink Advisors often have many industry contacts for niche services to support your specific needs. 

We believe that business is fueled by great relationships. When 40% of Business Leaders remain in their role for less than 2 years, on average, cultivating meaningful relationships is often difficult when salespeople work for a single supplier. Virtualink Advisors are uniquely positioned to fulfill the promise of being a trusted advisor, as so many companies aim to achieve. 

Best of all, Virtualink Advisors build life-long relationships with clients. So you can have the trust and confidence that they’ll be with you for the long haul, now and in the future. Regardless of your next move – within your organization or moving on to a new one – we’ve got you covered.

Virtualink Advisors are supported by Product Specialists, Solutions Architects and Engineers to ensure your specific needs are always met. A major part of an Advisor’s day is interacting with suppliers to coordinate orders for clients, access training resources and attending industry events to support their knowledge and growth.  

You need a representative who will advocate for you to build the best solutions, get the best pricing and stick with you all the way. Virtualink Advisors build strong relationships with suppliers to ensure you have the right advocate on your side. 

Our advisors are located all over Canada. They live and work where you live and work. This decentralized model allows us to understand the specific needs of our clients in order to ensure Virtualink continues to be the best choice for businesses. An important part of building life-long relationships is being local. Virtualink Advisors work how you want to work. If you prefer to meet over Zoom, no problem. Advisors are flexible enough to meet at your office, a local coffee shop or anywhere else that fits with your schedule. 

Supporting local communities is one of Virtualink’s core values. Advisors are free to support local organizations with the freedom to make positive contributions to local initiatives that support healthy communities.

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